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Julieanne White

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Julieanne’s world-class triumphs include: Ironman Triathlon World Series champion; first at Ironman Canada and Ironman New Zealand; second at World Ironman Championships in Hawaii; two-time winner of Big Sur Marathon and Orange County Half-Marathon; bronze at World Duathlon Championships in Switzerland; and 1992 Vespra Recreation Hall of Fame Inductee. Julieanne achieved these incredible results while contending with asthma and crohn's/colitis. She continues to assist and inspire others by being a true humanitarian.

Member Details:

Year Inducted:  2014
Category:  Athlete
Sport(s):  Marathon & Triathlon
Nominator:  1992 Inductee, Vespra Recreational Hall of Fame
Date/Place of Birth:  April 10, 1962, Birmingham, England


1988 & 1991:  Canadian Ironman Silver.   ...more highlights


This world-class athlete has an outstanding resume that includes being an Ironman Triathlon World Series champion  ...more narrative


Springwater Sports Heritage would like to express its appreciation for the contributions made by Julieanne and Steve King.


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