Springwater Sports Heritage

Founding Benefactor: The McGuire Trust

Springwater Sports Heritage Committees

As required by the Constitution the Board is responsible for establishing and supporting the committees necessary to undertake and manage the affairs and further the purposes of the Springwater Sports Heritage.   The committees can be Standing or Ad Hoc.  All committees will be chaired by a Board member unless otherwise established by the Board.  The committee membership makeup should reflect pertinent expertise and may include a mixture of members from the Board and the community.   The following identifies the Committees and their key responsibilities:

Facilities and Displays

Hall designs, locations, display opportunities, presentation awards & memorabilia


Oversee financial administration; safeguard assets, data, personal information; mitigate financial risks, fraud and theft; funding strategies


Maintain & manage a biennial inductee nomination & selection process that culminates with an induction ceremony


Prepare & execute communication strategies with individuals, Sport Associations, Media & Governments

Sports Heritage

Digitally facilitate procurement, organization, preservation, promotion & dissemination of Springwater's sports heritage

Active Elite

Recognize the outstanding Elite Athletes, Builders and Teams from Springwater that are currently active and having success in their chosen sport(s). 


Design and maintenance of website and other technology to serve the needs of SSH, its Board and Committees