Springwater Sports Heritage Purpose

Springwater Sports Heritage was established to document, preserve and celebrate the rich sporting accomplishments and activities of the Township of Springwater by means of a non-profit organization governed by a Board.  To aid in characterizing and accomplishing these goals the Board has established the following purposes:

A )  To digitally chronicle, preserve and provide internet access to Springwater’s sports heritage

The Board has established an internet-based archive to accumulate the memorable Sports Heritage of Springwater Township.  To enhance access and the preservation of Springwater’s sports heritage we are amassing a digital archive of documents, memorabilia and recordings.  The internet-based platform approach provides a foundation for enormous development, storage and securing of Springwater’s valuable sports related history.  Equally important is the unimpeded access and distribution possibilities it provides sports fans, researchers and the media to access a storehouse of valuable resources at their convenience.  The digital archive will continue to evolve as pictures, video, information, statistics and other assets are accrued.

B )  To ceremoniously acknowledge and exhibit the awards of exceptional sporting contributions and achievements of Springwater’s Athletes, Builders and Teams.

Springwater Sports Heritage will biennially recognize and ceremoniously Induct 2 Athletes, 2 Builders and 1 Team into the Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame. A minimum of one physical location will be established to provide a privileged site where visitors can view the recognition and awards of Springwater’s Inductees