Springwater Sports Heritage Board

The Board is the principle governing entity responsible for administering Springwater Sports Heritage.  The Board is composed of nine (9) Directors and two (2) Ex Officio Members.


The nine (9) Directors are an exceptional and diverse group of community volunteers who have chosen to contribute their experience, expertise and time to assist in directing and overseeing the endeavours and purpose of Springwater Sports Heritage.  When a Director vacancy arises the Board will solicit and approve new Directors.  To assist in ensuring there is a balance of Director representation across the Township a determined effort is made to achieve geographic, gender and sport related parity.


The Board Executive is comprised of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Past Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Executive members are chosen from the nine (9) directors.

Ex Officio Members

The two (2) Ex Officio Members of the Board are afforded the same rights as the Directors, including debate, making formal motions, and voting.  The Ex Officio Members bring to the Board their understanding and experience of the sector they represent.  Ex Officio Members’ “Term of Office” is the responsibility of the group they represent.  The Ex Officio Members are representives of:
A )  Springwater Township Council.
B )  Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame Inductees.


Springwater Sports Heritage, as a partner and a Board of the Township of Springwater, has access to an array of outstanding support personnel at the Township Administration Centre.  The enthusiastic support Springwater Sports Heritage receives from the well qualified team is very much appreciated and valued.

Term of Office:

Directors serve a three-year (3) term and additional terms if prepared to do so.  Succession strategies are structured to replace three (3) Directors each year to help provide consistency and renewal.  Ex Officio Members’ “Term of Office” is the responsibility of the group they represent.