2023/24 SSH Strategic Plans

In 2023 Springwater Sports Heritage (SSH) recognized the need to undertake an extensive review of its achievements and future directions.  Having evolved from an idea to a substantial being over the last decade it seemed prudent to take a breath and look at the pieces and how they fit together and if the original purpose/direction remained valid.

On June 19, 2023 the SSH Board held a single purpose meeting to consider establishing the development of a Strategic Plan to serve SSH into the mid and long term.  At the next Board Meeting on September 19, 2023 the Board formally established a “Strategic Planning Work Group” tasked with “developing a proposed draft Strategic Plan for the Springwater Sports Heritage Board to consider”. 

The Work Group is actively working towards developing a draft Strategic Plan to be presented to the Board when it has completed the assignment.  Their Minutes of the meetings are available on the SSH Website

Strategic Planning Work Group Minutes