About 2014 Induction

The newly formed Springwater Sports Heritage Board is dedicated to preserving, documenting and honouring Springwater’s diverse, bountiful and valued sports heritage. The board strives to promote the achievements of:
  1) Those whose interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate which benefitted both athletes and athletics.
  2) Those whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves.

In 2014, the Springwater Sports Heritage Board is undertaking its first ever Sports Hall of Fame. The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for induction into the Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and supporting material are available for pickup and drop-off at;

♦  All 3 libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst, Minesing), and
♦  Township Administration Centre, 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing
♦  Available for printing at www.springwatersportsheritage.ca.