Website Policies


The Springwater Sports Heritage Website (SSHW) exists as:

  • a storehouse of assembled sporting heritage that has occurred within the Township of Springwater
  • the online version of the Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame (SSHHoF).


All material on the SSHW is intended to be an accurate historical account of sports related events and through this medium available to the general public.  Should you identify any errors or personal concerns they can be brought to the attention of Springwater Sports Heritage Board (SSHB) through Contact Us.  Appropriate amendments will be made.

Personal Information and Privacy Rights

The SSHB respects the personal information and privacy rights of all.  The SSHB will limit the collection, use and disclosure of personal information to that which is agreed to.  Individuals have the right to request any correction of their personal information. 

External Links

The SSHW provides a number of third party external links. These are meant to provide additional resources and convenience for the users of the site. SSHB neither condones nor endorses the information found on these sites and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the content found therein.

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