Website Charter Patrons

In recognition of the importance of having a robust and substantial website Springwater Sports Heritage very much appreciates the considerable contributions provided by our Website Charter Patrons.  Their thoughtfulness and generosity is allowing Springwater Sports Heritage to quickly and systematically proceed with the development of a diverse and comprehensive website.   The designation “Website Charter Patrons” has been established as a means of recognizing and documenting the significance of their patronage.

The McGuire Trust

Prior to her death (passed February 3, 2009), Margaret McGuire of Elmvale, ON, established The McGuire Trust to support initiatives related to education, religion, or other charitable purposes that would benefit a ‘community’ as a whole, as well as to advance and support women or other individuals who ‘deserve better.’ 

Margaret and Donald (deceased 1968) McGuire, residents of Elmvale for over 60 years, owned and operated the drug store on the main street for several years.  They supported a variety of community activities and were active members of the Elmvale Presbyterian Church.  They were especially interested in understanding and preserving the history of the area, and involved themselves in everything from archaeological digs to the physical and social development of the town, township and county.  In this process, they collected artifacts and documents that have subsequently found homes in museums and archives.

In keeping with her wishes, donations made by The McGuire Trust are usually anonymous in nature; however, by acknowledging their support of Springwater Sports Heritage, the Trustees hope that other local residents might be encouraged to provide similar support, in whatever way, to this or other community endeavours.

Springwater Sports Heritage was very honoured and pleased to receive the McGuire Trust financial support of $5,000 to commence its website development.  In recognition and appreciation of this initial and substantial contribution the McGuire Trust was given the title “Founding Benefactor”.

Elmvale District Lions Club

As a well-known supporter of community development and events the Elmvale District Lions Club was one of the first potential supporters to be approached by the newly formed Springwater Sports Heritage Board.  Following a presentation, by a group of Board members,  for the need of financial assistance to commence the website development the Lions agreed to provide $1,000 to assist and commence the desired endeavour.  This was not only a welcomed financial contribution but also a note of encouragement for the Springwater Sports Heritage Board that the undertaking could become another valued component of the community.  With this support and inspiration, the Board was able to move forward with extra confidence and added determination.

Addendum: In 2020 the Elmvale District Lions Club once again contributed financially to SSH.  On this occasion they voluntary donated $2,000 to further assist SSH with the website.

8th Annual Mayor’s Golf Tournament

Springwater Sports Heritage was very fortunate to be recognized and receive a $10,000 donation from the Township of Springwater’s 8th Annual Mayor’s Golf Tournament.  We are extremely grateful to Mayor Linda Collins for this considerate and  sizable contribution.

This financial assistance is supporting the creation of a web-based archive to honour and document the sporting achievements, contributions, anecdotes, and memorabilia that make up the sporting history of the Township of Springwater

Township of Springwater Release, November 13, 2014

Web Design by
Heart of Business (Brenda Stanley)

Springwater Sports Heritage is very pleased to recognize the extensive and unselfish non-monetary contributions made by Brenda Stanley.  Since the commencement of SSH’s website in 2014 Brenda, through her company “Heart of Business”, has spent immeasurable unrecorded hours designing and inputting valuable material for our website.  She is the Heart of “Heart of Business” and those same attributes have become part of SSH’s website. Her knowledgeable guidance and unselfish contributions have contributed to the outstanding website that SSH is very proud of.  Heart of Business is a major part of SSH’s heritage and will continue to provide the successful design it has strived to achieve.  SSH’s gratitude of Brenda’s support and the success the website has achieved cannot be overstated.