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1924 Minesing United Farmers Hockey Championship Team

Induction Award:

In 1924 Minesing won the Ontario United Farmers Championship. On March 3, 1924 a semi-final win against Warsaw (Lakefield), the best of the east.  The deciding match was in the ‘Mammoth Rink’ in Barrie on March 19, 1924 against Oshweken. Fans went wild for it was a win for Simcoe County.
Front:      Carlin ‘Cal’ Foyston (C), Howard Priest (Sub)
Middle:   Murray ‘Stub’ Ronald (Coach),  Leighton ‘Babe’ Adams (RW),  Earl ‘Jim’ Crawford (G),
                H. L. ‘Hank’ Foyston ,  Ronald Orchard
Back:      Charlie Grant (C),  Ell Crawford (D),  Ab Maw

Member Details:

Category: Team
Year of Induction: 2014
Sport: Hockey
Nominator: Meryl Morrow


Records from the Simcoe County Archives indicate that in Ontario numerous communities formed United Farmers of Ontario (UFO) hockey, baseball and curling leagues. Minesing was one of the communities that formed a UFO Hockey Team.  ...more narrative


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In Memorial:

All team members were born in Minesing, Ontario and their Place of Resting is Minesing Union Cemetery
Carlin 'Cal' Foyston 1892 - 1969                                   W. Howard Priest 1895 - 1949
A. Murray 'Stub' Ronald (Coach) 1903 - 1950            Leighton 'Babe' Adams  1898 - 1970
James Earl 'Jim' Crawford  1899 - 1972                     Harry L. 'Hank' Foyston    1898 - 1980
J. Ronald O'chard       1894 - 1966                               Charles Grant  1898 - 1981
Wm. Ellsworth 'Ell' Crawford 1895 - 1978                  Albert E. 'Ab' Maw   1893 - 1967


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