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Paul Rowat

Induction Award:

Paul was a lifelong positive contributor to the local and regional sport scene, as well as volunteering to build and improve numerous sporting facilities within the community. Paul’s managing style on the fastball field in the 1960s led to numerous league championships and he successfully managed the Elmvale Fastball Team to a Provincial Championship in 1977. Paul was a big part of the lights being installed at the ball park in 1972 using his work skills to bring night fastball to Elmvale. Paul also worked with the Intermediate “C” hockey team as an executive.

Member Details:

Category:  Builder
Induction Year:  2016
Nominator:  Diane Rowat-Walton
Date/Place of Birth:  July 31, 1932 / Elmvale ON
Date/Place of Resting: December 10, 2011 / Elmvale Presbyterian Cemetery


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