Springwater Sports Heritage

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Stanley Ritchie Highlights

1950`s played for the Elmvale Harvesters - won the Championship

1952 tried out for the Toronto Marlies

1953-54 played for the Midland Red Wings- Won Ontario Junior “C” Championship.

1954–55 played again for the Midland Red Wings- Won the Intermediate “C” Championship.

1955–64 Stan played for the Collingwood Shipbuilders Senior “A” Hockey Team

1964 Stan tried out for the New Haven in the International League and broke his leg along the board and returned back to the Collingwood Shipbuilders -  His professional career was dashed.

1964-1965 Collingwood Shipbuilders won the O.H.A. SR Georgian Bay Group Championship.

1965 – 1966 Stan played for the Barrie 7-up Senior “A” from 1965 – 1971

1965 – 1966 Barrie 7 Up  Senior “A” Team were the Intermediate Western O.H.A. Champions

1966 Stan was named to the All Star Team

1966- 1967 Barrie 7 Up changed their name to the Barrie Flyers

1967 Stan returned to Elmvale and played Intermediate Hockey.  They were Finalists in the OMHA Intermediate “C” Finals.

1976 Joined the Georgian Bay Old-timers team and played with them till he retired.

1978 The Georgian Bay Old-timers won a Gold Medal in Copenhagen, Demark.

1982 The Georgian Bay Old-timers won a Gold Medal in San Diego, California 

1998 Stan’s Midland Red Wing Team was inducted into the Midland Hall of Fame.

Stan has played on the Fundraising Hockey Team for the Elmvale Presbyterian Church vs the Elmvale United Church. 

When Stan was no longer able to play in the Fundraising Hockey Games he became part of the coaching staff on the bench.