In support of its website creation, Springwater Sports Heritage gratefully and enthusiastically acknowledges the endorsement and generous monetary contribution The McGuire Trust has thoughtfully provided towards the establishment of the cornerstone of our principal commitment.

The McGuire Trust

Prior to her death, Margaret McGuire of Elmvale, ON, established The McGuire Trust to support initiatives related to education, religion, or other charitable purposes that would benefit a ‘community’ as a whole, as well as to advance and support women or other individuals who ‘deserve better.’ 

Margaret (deceased 2009) and Donald (deceased 1968) McGuire, residents of Elmvale for over 60 years, owned and operated the drug store on the main street for several years.  They supported a variety of community activities and were active members of the Elmvale Presbyterian Church.  They were especially interested in understanding and preserving the history of the area, and involved themselves in everything from archaeological digs to the physical and social development of the town, township and county.  In this process, they collected artifacts and documents that have subsequently found homes in museums and archives.

In keeping with her wishes, donations made by The McGuire Trust are usually anonymous in nature; however, by acknowledging their support of Springwater Sports Heritage, the Trustees hope that other local residents might be encouraged to provide similar support, in whatever way, to this or other community endeavours.